Library A to Z

The Kickstarter campaign has now finished!

A-Z colour draft small for web.jpg

We ran a campaign, finishing 28th May 2014, to create a library A to Z - the outputs will be linked to from this site later, but for now, see some of the blurb below:

Libraries are great. But are they just about books? No! To highlight this we'll produce a visual A to Z of what makes libraries so fantastic.

At Library Camp East Gary from Voices for the Library proposed a session to crowd source an A to Z of words that reflected the positive activities and values of libraries, as well as positive representations in books, songs, films and other media.

We've a great illustrator (Josh Filhol) lined up to take the A to Z list that attendees at the Library Camp and Voices for the Library helped pull together and turn it into a series of brilliant images.



 Our first letter!

Letter C small for website.jpg


What words inspired the letter C?

  • community
  • collaboration
  • childminders
  • careers
  • choices
  • crafts
  • creation
  • comics
  • competitive advantage (for businesses)
  • coffee (relax with one)
  • colouring (fun sessions for children)
  • council services (access to)
  • carers services
  • classics
  • community cohesion
  • community memory
  • Council Information
  • CVs