Innovative Libraries Press

I ran a crowdfunding campaign to set up a low cost publisher off the ground to service the library and information community, building on my experience publishing 'Only connect ...'.

This is the result!

We've some works already published, with other books in progress. We are currently developing an idea around a series of smaller (even cheaper!) books for teaching / training development for librarians, which may be combined into full length books at a later date. As a side project, we've published an illustrated book for library advocacy, the Library A to Z.

More details of these can be found on the "our books" page, with extra information added as we get closer to publication dates.

If you want to submit a book proposal, please do, or take a look at how to buy books from the press (including details of those books of course), and a little about the philosophy of the press.

We publish books specifically for the professional development of library and information professionals and students. As such, they tend towards the practical in approach and are likely to include case studies and examples. We're less likely to publish learned monographs (though we may do if the right ones come along!), and more likely to publish books that are directly useful. The price is therefore really important - it is no use publishing practical books if they are out of the price range of the people who want to use them!

As we develop, I'd also aspire towards helping new writers. I'm particularly interested in pairing up experienced writers and editors with newbies. This may be encouraging editors to get contributions for book chapters from new authors, it may be an experienced editor with a co-editor new to the game, or co-writers for whole books. If you think you can help, please send a proposal!