About the press

The press is set up to be a low cost publisher of books for Library and Information Science (LIS) professionals and students. 

Books are predominantly aimed at professional development (include people on LIS courses). We're less likely to publish learned monographs (though we may do if the right ones come along!), and more likely to publish books that are directly useful. The price is therefore really important - it is no use publishing practical books if they are out of the price range of the people who want to use them!

Titles therefore cost a fraction of the price of "normal" library publishers (print & electronic), with electronic versions being completely DRM free.

Writers for the press retain their copyright, but licence us to publish, which may be exclusive for a set period, allowing them to retain long term control over their own work.

Some initial funding came from a crowdfunding campaign (check the crowdfunding page!) which ran December 2013 to the end of January 2014. Thank you to all the sponsors.