Dedication and more



This work is primarily the work of our talented chapter authors and we’re lucky to have been able to pull their contributions together and make them available here. We’d like to acknowledge the exciting, talented creations our contributors submitted to us and to thank them for their hard work in making this book a reality. We’d also like to particularly thank Amy Kilner ( who stepped in at short notice to create a wonderful cover for us! With Amy (a current student at the University of Huddersfield) doing the cover illustration for us, it was also great to see Josh Filhol (a former student of Alke - doing the “Fishscale” illustrations.


From Andrew …

Two children. Jenny & George 

To Jennifer and George who love finding out new things. They have many exciting information discovery journeys ahead that I’ll enjoy sharing with them.


From Emma …

Emma's parents 

To my parents, Stephen and Ita, who nurtured my own intellectual curiosity and helped me find the tools to navigate all my journeys. (Photo courtesy of Martin O'Leary, Cobh, Ireland)