Crowdfunding backers

Thank you to all the crowdfunding backers! Thanks to a campaign running December 2013 to the end of January 2104 on Indiegogo, we raised a headline figure of £1,095. That resulted in an actual £1,005.36 once Indiegogo and Paypal processing fees were taken off, the money to be used in setting up the press, in particular going towards starting the first couple of books.

The backers (in no particular order):

  • Emma Cass
  • Eleanor Johnston
  • Hannah
  • Sue Lawson
  • Liz Osman
  • D Caulfield
  • Megan L. Hodge
  • Steven Heywood
  • Moria Bent
  • Zoë Johnson
  • Alison McNab
  • @ijclark
  • Jonathan White
  • C Carty
  • Dr Antony Osborne
  • Jane Redman
  • Nicola Beer
  • Jess Haigh
  • Annie Gleeson
  • Sarah Munks
  • Emily Wheeler
  • Helen Grady
  • Carolin Schneider