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A week into the call for papers…


A week into the call for papers and we’ve already had half a dozen proposals! Must admit I was only expecting them to come in from the second week onwards as people pondered and considered the call, so it’s really pleasing to have them coming in so quick – hopefully we’ve hit a creative nerve out there!

We’ve had a lovely mix of proposals so far, including a chapter based on a series of blog posts tracking a researchers information journey; one proposing a toolkit for library waks of “discovery, disappointment and delight”; and an information fairy tale telling “a student’s journey of discovery of resources, spaces, staff and fellow students, as she travels through university life”.

The link between the strongest proposals so far is the strong focus on the users of information and their journeys of discovery. We’re really enjoying reading the proposals as they arrive, so keep them coming!


Multimedia content

I’ve been pondering how to display multimedia content (if we receive any!) in a print book… I suspect we’ll use Aurasma, which links online content with an image.


Image from RC Photos

For example, I’ve linked the image above with a short video I took of Fungi the doplhin in Ireland last year – which will appear if you use the Aurasma app on an Apple or Android device and scan it using the “Only Connect” Aura enabled.

It would take some tweaking (and careful selection of images) to make sure it worked well, but it might be a way around bringing multimedia content to a print version of the book. Something to investigate further depending on the content we end up with, I think!

Off to a flying start

Hysplex Foot Race Starting Mechanism in Nemea, Greece

Picture from IntelFreePress-

Off to a flying start with “Only connect …” discovery pathways, library explorations, and the information adventure.

Within the same day of putting out a call for papers we had our first two submissions and LOTS of positive vibes, especially from Twitter!

So, we’re looking forward to seeing the submissions roll in over the next few weeks and waiting for all you lovely people to blow our minds with your information discovery narratives.

We’ll use this blog to post our thoughts on the project as it progresses, suffice it to say we’re really excited about the book happening!