Monthly Archives: March 2013

Deciding the line up!

We met yesterday to go through all the proposals in detail and sort out a few other things around “Only Connect”. It’s exciting to be able to say we’ll be contacting all the people who submitted proposals over the next few days to let them know the result! We think we’ve got a strong and innovative line up of material promised and that we’ve been able to accept.

Over the coming weeks we’ll use this blog to release more information about the contributions we expect to publish, as well as more details about the book itself.

We did also reject people – which doesn’t mean to say they were bad proposals, just not quite right for this book. Some tempted us to think about a different themed book for next time as they were things we’d really like to see published…

Call for papers closed (ish)…

closed(closed sign picture from Jasoon on flickr)

Call for papers for “Only Connect” is now closed! Well, pretty much so…. we’ve given some people extensions as there are a few days before we (Andrew & Emma) get together to mark the proposals and decide what will go in the (un)book. If you’ve an idea and haven’t quite finished it, we can probably accept proposals for a few days longer, so get in touch and ask!

We’ve both been really impressed by the proposals we’ve received, it’s been a pleasure reading through them as they came in, but it’ll be a harder job deciding the final line-up next week… So thank you to everyone who has submitted a proposal.