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Happy New Year!

Downloads for 2013

Just a quick post to mark the New Year! I’ve just checked the number of downloads of the epub on the first day of 2014 … we broke the 1,000 mark in 2013! So in just over a quarter of a year we’ve been downloaded 1,026 times from 53 countries via the main repository it’s in. Downloads are staying high too, they don’t seem to be dropping away at all (except for Christmas week, which is fair enough!!!). Added to that were 736 unique visitors to the webpages (many of which will have followed the download link to the repository, so there is some double counting there!).

We’re also about 20 print books shy of covering costs, so with luck we’ll hit that figure over the next few months, which isn’t bad for an open access book :-)

That said, I’m happy losing a bit of money on it, so as long as I can get Innovative Libraries Press off the ground (please back the crowdfunding campaign!), any remaining income will go into an account I’m just setting up for that. So, as it continues to sell any income will subsidise production of more low cost books for the LIS profession …