A Walk Through the Infinite Library

infinite libraryUniversity of Michigan Library Card Catalog by dfulmer / CC BY

This is the first of our “teasers”! Over the coming weeks / months, we’ll put up some of the abstracts we’ve accepted to give a flavour of the material that should end up in the final book… bear in mind that these may change as they’re written / created!

The first is from David Parkes: A Walk Through the Infinite Library

Information Psychogeography – a flaneur, a situationist and a psychogeographer walk into a library.

A walk – a journey through the Borgeian Infinite Library of the physical and the virtual. A voyage of discovery, disappointment and delight. Taking Hart’s description of urban psychogeography “a whole toy box full of playful, inventive strategies for exploring cities…just about anything that takes pedestrians off their predictable paths and jolts them into a new awareness of the urban landscape.” as a departure point (Hart 2004) but substituting cities for libraries. This self-guided walk will explore chance and randomness, architecture – real and virtual, alternative pathways, the internet of things and the action of the actor on the landscape. It will jolt the walker, challenge assumptions and require the reader and walker to reflect on the web, the world and the library and so explore alternative ways of thinking about information, information literacy and libraries. It will be a toolbox, a list, spotalot, guidebook, a near field communicator, a call to action and a tactical streetmap of the library landscape.


1.    A number of walks and diversions

2.    A set of instructions or suggestions for the walk –what to bring – flask, camera etc

3.    What to look out for

4.    Some maps

5.    The ability to add your own Joe Orton type , notes, annotations and observations to share with others