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Review in Journal of Information Literacy

I’m pleased to say there is another review of the book available. This time it is in the peer reviewed (open access) Journal of Information Literacy.

I won’t replicate much of it here, but it’s worth a look! Particularly pleased she pulled out Bryony’s chapter as her favourite:
“My favourite piece in the book was The Library by Bryony Ramsden. A beautifully written
fairytale involving unhelpful bears and robots , it acts as a warning to librarians not to be gatekeepers but to strive to be partners and enablers.”

Full review is at: Castle S. (2013). Book Review of Walsh, A. and Coonan, E. (eds.) 2013. Only Connect… Discovery pathways, library explorations and the information adventure. Huddersfield: Innovative Libraries. Journal of Information Literacy, 7(2), pp. 173 – 175.

We’ve published it!

Screenshot of book for salePhew! We’re about done!

The book was made live to buy on Lulu a week or so ago, it’s appeared on Amazon for the Kindle, it should appear on Nook and iBook stores soon and is available to download free as ePub and PDF.

All being well, in a few weeks time the print version will appear on bibliographic databases for libraries to buy and on Amazon as well (worldwide).

Besides a little tinkering it is also all online (with multimedia nicely embedded) on the innovative libraries website.

We’ve sent out a small number of review copies to journals and announced it to mailing lists and social media.

There is a copy sent off to the British Library for legal deposit and five more put to one side for the other legal deposit libraries.

It’s been a great and rewarding process to do, so the next few posts are likely to be reflections on the process :-)

I like deadlines, I like the wooshing noise they make as they fly past…

With that half remembered quote from the late, great Douglas Adams, the deadline for submission of first drafts has arrived!

We’ve a lot of submissions been sent in, which we’re really enjoying reading through and commenting on. A few more people have needed a little while longer, but it looks like we’re on target to get them all reviewed and back for any changes that might be required by the end of the month. The few coming in slightly later may even help us spread them out slightly over the next few weeks :-)

Hoping we’ll have an image for the cover soon as well, we have ISBNs for the (free) ebook and the print version, and we’ve been playing with ePub software ready for producing the main ebook… So everything well underway and on target!

Multimedia content

I’ve been pondering how to display multimedia content (if we receive any!) in a print book… I suspect we’ll use Aurasma, which links online content with an image.


Image from RC Photos

For example, I’ve linked the image above with a short video I took of Fungi the doplhin in Ireland last year – which will appear if you use the Aurasma app on an Apple or Android device and scan it using the “Only Connect” Aura enabled.

It would take some tweaking (and careful selection of images) to make sure it worked well, but it might be a way around bringing multimedia content to a print version of the book. Something to investigate further depending on the content we end up with, I think!