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We’ve published it!

Screenshot of book for salePhew! We’re about done!

The book was made live to buy on Lulu a week or so ago, it’s appeared on Amazon for the Kindle, it should appear on Nook and iBook stores soon and is available to download free as ePub and PDF.

All being well, in a few weeks time the print version will appear on bibliographic databases for libraries to buy and on Amazon as well (worldwide).

Besides a little tinkering it is also all online (with multimedia nicely embedded) on the innovative libraries website.

We’ve sent out a small number of review copies to journals and announced it to mailing lists and social media.

There is a copy sent off to the British Library for legal deposit and five more put to one side for the other legal deposit libraries.

It’s been a great and rewarding process to do, so the next few posts are likely to be reflections on the process :-)

Editorial meeting!

Chapter ChooserGetting there with the book now! We have the final versions of most of the contributions and are well on the way with our editorial text to tie the whole thing together (introductions, etc.).

The pair of us (Emma & Andrew) are meeting on Friday to finalise as much as we can and tie things up. With luck, everything for the print version will be done and dusted by September – looks like we may be able to get that version out by mid to end of September (with luck), with the ebook following as soon as possible afterwards in September / October (formatting looks like being a bit more complicated for electronic, so doing the easier print version first!).

The image above is the first attempt at a “chapter chooser” as an alternative table of contents :-D

Book cover

finished book cover - smallI’m glad to say – we have an image for the book cover, a small / low res version of which is above.

Amy Kilner has created the cover for us which we really love, hope you do too!

I like deadlines, I like the wooshing noise they make as they fly past…

With that half remembered quote from the late, great Douglas Adams, the deadline for submission of first drafts has arrived!

We’ve a lot of submissions been sent in, which we’re really enjoying reading through and commenting on. A few more people have needed a little while longer, but it looks like we’re on target to get them all reviewed and back for any changes that might be required by the end of the month. The few coming in slightly later may even help us spread them out slightly over the next few weeks :-)

Hoping we’ll have an image for the cover soon as well, we have ISBNs for the (free) ebook and the print version, and we’ve been playing with ePub software ready for producing the main ebook… So everything well underway and on target!