Creating an (un)book

chatterbox chapter chooserThis has been the best bit of the project! The freedom to create an (un)book rather than one that fits a publisher’s expectations has been wonderful.

Instead of set expectations, restrictions, and set publisher models we’ve been able to create something that simply wouldn’t be possible without self-publishing.

We’ve got some chapters that look fairly traditional in style (though may struggle to find a home elsewhere because of subject matter); some that are textual, but are still completely different in style to any “library science” book we’ve ever seen (e.g. a library fairy story?) and some that mix text and multimedia in a way you won’t often find in a book. In the process we’ve created something a little bit hard to define, an eclectic mix of styles and contributions that do EXACTLY what we wanted – reflect part of the richness of information literacy and the information discovery journeys people set out on every day.

I’m really proud of our contributors for stepping up to the mark and giving us such a wonderful mix of material to share with the world.