The Library: a [fairy] tale of ‘good’ winning over inexperience

Little_Red_Riding_Hood_WPA_posterImage from a poster in the Library of Congress, in the public domain:

Bryony Ramsden is working on a fairy story, The Library: a [fairy] tale of ‘good’ winning over inexperience.

Flora realises she is lost, not when the canopy begins to obscure the sunlight, but when the roots of the buildings begin to seemingly purposefully trip and obstruct her path.  She withdraws further into her hood, and on looking down to check her footsteps, notices breadcrumbs.  They have evidently been there for some time, sodden from rain, blackened with mould, but they are definitely there, and appear to be leading the way along a track.  Looking up, Flora can just see through the buildings to a warm glow in the darkness, some way down the trail…

The Library is a story of a student’s journey of discovery of resources, spaces, staff and fellow students, as she travels through university life.  Presented via the medium of a fairy tale, it utilises personal and professional observations, research experience, and readings of other library research to provide a summary of how some students may in turns be confident and terrified of all that the academic library has to offer.  It describes encounters with those who impede and those who enable Flora’s progress throughout her travels, offering readers an alternative view of student learning and the opportunity to consider service and information literacy provision in a new way.